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Solar panel frame sealing dispensing

Solar panel frame sealing dispensing

The solar panel frame means the aluminum alloy fixed frame composed of photovoltaic solar panel assembly and its main function is to fix and seal the solar panel components, enhance the components support, prolong the service life, and facilitate the transportation and installation.







Solar panel assembly’s aluminum frame coating: the coating track is along the groove of the aluminum frame, and the glue line should be even, stable and uniform at the starting and ending.




Axxon provides professional aluminum frame dispensing auto-robot B-2300 for the solar energy industry. The system uses large-package to supply materials, fluid stabilizing system to stabilize the flow, motion platform to coordinate the distribution valve to precisely apply the glue, and glue quantity control system, automatic feeding device, and large glue head cancellation device to realize perfect glue application.                                             


B-2300 is a leading frame sealant coating platform in the industry. Its high yield, uniformity and stability can bring you min owing cost. It is mainly displayed in following aspects:


•   Optimize the coating travel and realize highest output in the industry;


•   Perfectly solve the large head problem;


•   High yield rate, low return, and low maintenance cost;


•   Can save 30% glue cost every year



Dispensing effect is shown as follows:






•   B-2300 solar panel frame dispensing machine

•   Pressure plate pump

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