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Solar Junction Box automatic Silica Gel coating

Solar Junction Box automatic Silica Gel coating


The solar junction box is the connector between the solar battery matrix and solar charging device composed of solar battery components. Its major function is to connect the electricity produced by the solar battery with the external circuits. The junction box is adhered to the back plate of the assembly. The wire led out from the assembly is connected with the internal wire of the junction box. The internal wire and external cable are connected to ensure the connection of assembly with external cable.






The solar junction box shell is coated with silica gel and the glue track is a sealed one along the frame.


Common problems in the coating: instable glue quantity, large head, and instable connection.




Axxon plan effectively and precisely control the glue quantity at the head and end, and eliminates the large head. The product uniformity is high and it can help the customers to save 30% of the glue every year.





As for the dispensing of solar junction box shell, axxon provides exclusive solution for the customers



•   B-300 three-axis desktop robot


•  V-300HP high-pressure valve


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