Industry Application
Auto ECU main Board coating Solution

Auto ECU main Board coating Solution


Industrial introduction:

The ECU is the head of the auto, which is absolutely responsible for the overall vehicle control, thus its stability determines the quality of the car.





•  Multiple elements: the coated part should avoid the motion track of the high elements as per the product optimization;


•   Highly uniform coating: the coating film thickness should be uniform without emission or local accumulation;


•   Efficient and stable: high product yield, efficiency and stability




•   Efficient: the highly rigid machine body in combination with screw rod track assembly can ensure high speed and long-term stability;


•   Selective coating in combination with self-developed coating valve to realize online independent selective coating without mask;


•   Localized service: inventory of quick-wear parts, localized technical support, rapid and efficient response.


•   Maintenance cost: self-developed and designed cheap consumables, and rapid and timely supply.




•   AC-800 online conformal coating system


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