Industry Application
Auto Sensor Glue casting Solution
Auto Sensor Glue casting Solution  

Industrial introduction:


      the auto sensor is a kind of senior precise sensor, including liquid level sensor, tire pressure sensor, and temperature sensor. The auto sensor should meet the requirements of resisting water, vibration and heat, for it is used in extremely severe environment.



axxon auto float sensor casting; two-component dispensing:



•   Low dispensing quantity, compact and concise product structure, and high accuracy requirement;


•   Large batch, universal sensor product, high product yield, and high productivity;


•   High requirements concerning proportional accuracy, highly stable auto elements, strict requirements concerning the glue extrusion and stability, and proportional accuracy usually lower than +/-2%




•   Micro-quantity, applicable to the glue casting application from several milligrams to millimeter;


•   Accuracy, single set +/-5% metering accuracy;


•   Proper proportion: the glue ratio is adjusted through the replacement of metering components in order to ensure the universality of the device;


•    Maintenance cost: compared with traditional gear pump and screw pump maintenance, here only replacement of related sealing elements instead of the whole pump is needed. It greatly cuts down the maintenance cost.



•   AS-400 cabinet robot


•  FS1010A material supply system


•  V-1020 dual-component glue valve


•  V-475 glue valve


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