Industry Application
AutoEngine Case Surface bonding
AutoEngine Case Surface bonding 

Industrial introduction:


The auto engine case sealing usually adopts the seal ring and gasket, but with the structure optimization, case thinning, and smaller mounting space for the seal ring/gasket, the glue sealing has become the best choice for the case sealing.



•  The glue tape and line is uniform from the beginning to the end, and the connection is flat and smooth;


•  The glue line is delicate and the glue line has a diameter of 0.8-1.3mm, for the over thin line leads to bad sealing and over thick line leads to glue overflow;


•  It uses double-glue and highly adhesive glue. The glue should be immediately formed after being squeezed out when it exceeds 300,000 CP, and strict requirements concerning the glue ratio should be met.


•    The glue valve developed independently in combination with the imported pressure plate pump and voltage stabilizer ensures the uniformity and stability of the glue extrusion;


•   The floor-type robot can ensure the convenience of work stations, and the highly stable structure design can also guarantee the long-term stable work of the device;


•   Integrated solution: the combination of robot with dispensing system can avoid the error from the combination and facilitate the master machine management and use;


•   Maintenance cost: compared with traditional gear pump and screw pump maintenance, here only replacement of related sealing elements instead of the whole pump is needed. It greatly cuts down the maintenance cost.



•  AS-400 cabinet robot


•   Pressure plate pump;


•   Voltage stabilizer;


•   C-1020M controller


•   V-1020HV two-component valve;


•   V-470 glue valve

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