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Camera Module dispensing Solution
Camera Module dispensing Solution


The camera module included in the application is composed of: front and rear-facing camera of mobile phone, tablet computer, notebook, and car. In recent years the camera module has developed at a relatively rapid speed from the low resolution to high resolution and from fixed focus to automatic focusing. In the future, such senior functions as optical anti-vibration and 3D imaging will be added.





The camera module is mainly composed of following parts: FPC, SENSOR, LENS and VCM. Its inner structure is quite complicated and precise and several elements are assembled through dispensing. The VCM is especially difficult in respect of assembly.

Now the major difficulties for the automatic dispensing of camera module in the market are listed as follows:

•   The elements are so small that traditional dispensing device hardly meets the requirements;

•   High requirements are put forward for the visual system identification and location;

•   The contact dispensing such as needle valve has low dispensing efficiency and yield.


axxon promotes two series, IS and VB respectively, to deal with the camera module

Those two series are both equipped with visual system that can realize accurate location of the product. The non-contact jet dispensing valve V-6000 at the axis center can greatly improve the product yield and productivity. The whole set of equipment has really high cost performance.


•  Promoted plan:module industry:IS-300+V-6000

•   Motor industry:VB-200+V-6000/D-260

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