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Mobile Phone Frame bonding Solution

Mobile Phone Frame bonding Solution


In the mobile phone production and assembly, the frame bonding is a very important link. The traditional production processes include drying glue, and adhesive tape, which can easily cause insufficient bonding strength and bad leakproofness. When applied to mobile phone frame, the PUR hot melt glue has many advantages, including rapid solidification, high bonding strength and good leakproofness, thus it quickly replaces the traditional bonding processes and becomes a main production process in the present stage.


With the development of mobile phone industry, the manufacturers keep narrowing the frame in order to realize higher screen ratio. It puts forward higher requirements for the assembly of mobile phone with narrow frame.

At present the bonding of the mobile phone frame mainly uses the hot melt glue with standard package. The difficulties in the narrow frame mobile pone production mainly include:



•   Extra-thin line width;

•   Uniformity and consistency of the lines;

•   Non-uniform glue heads, ruptured glue, and withdrawing.



Axxon provides the solution for the mobile phone with narrow frame through the VB-300+ hot melt glue system. This system has CCD automatic identification function and can compensate for the product deformation and error caused by the product fixture. Meanwhile it also has the option of height measurement with laser to ensure consistent glue and realize stable coating for the deformed product and solve the problems like non-uniform glue heads and ruptured glue. It can realize the dispensing of min 0.3mm line width.


•   Promoted configuration: VB-300+ hot melt glue system

•   Optional: height measurement with laser and needle correction

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