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Electroacoustic Device Solution

Electroacoustic Device Solution

Electroacoustic device is an indispensable part in the transmission of information, culture and art in the form of voice, and it has such functions as sound reception, conversion, transmission, replay and measurement. The electroacoustic device mainly means the loudspeaker, loudspeaker system, microphone, earphone, receiver, telephone transmitter, receiver and telephone transmitter set, all sorts of communication helmet, pick-up, and related accessories.



The electroacoustic devices have similar major structure composed of coil, vibrating membrane, magnet and external structure. The production and assembly of those parts require a great deal of dispensing procedures. With the development of the devices, higher requirements are put forward for the dispensing of corresponding parts. The dispensing process should be more intelligent by automatically identifying the dispensing location and monitoring the dispensing process.

Difficulties in the major dispensing procedures of electroacoustic device:

 •   The dispensing location should be exquisite;

•   The dispensing location should be identified intelligently;

•   Consistency and repetition of the dispensing process.


axxon has developed a compact an economic dispensing device equipped with visual system: VB series


•   It can realize the automatic identification and location compensation of the product;


•   Ensure the accuracy and consistency of dispensing location.


•   The adding of such senior functions of needle correction and laser measurement can realize intelligent dispensing process



•   Recommended configuration:VB-200+needle/valve Optional: height measurement with laser and needle correction


•   Simple configuration:B-200+D-260+needle correction


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