Industry Application
Fingerprint Identification Module dispensing Assembly



•   Adopt the same fingerprint identification as the global leading technology;

•   Cut down manual participation and improve the quality;

•   Use whole set of automatic solution and enhance the company image;

•   Employ assembly line work to ameliorate the integrated efficiency.




Technical strengths:

•   Inclined rotary ejection to meet the requirement of 0.2mm (min) narrow glue overflow width;

•   Chip edge identification and location to cancel the deviation on dispensing location caused by chip gluing error and FPC deformation;

•   Repeated circulating dispensing function to eliminate the waste of waiting time.


If you have higher process requirements, we can meet following standards:

•   The min underfill glue overflow width is only 0.2mm;

•   Identify the chip edge more accurate than the Mark identification;

•   Configuration of Mark machine and only one Mark identification for the whole assembly line;

•   Bad Mark screening to skip all the bad board operations;

•   Such functions as ID identification, automatic program invoking, fool-proof, and data statistics, and intelligent manufacturing.


If you don’t need a whole assembly line, you can pick any part of it.

When compared with manual or semi-automatic operation, it has following strengths:

•   Improved output and efficiency;

•   Uniform dispensing effect and guaranteed stability;

•   Convenient operation and maintenance;

•   Saved glue consumption;

•   Improved yield;

•  High rate of input to output



The fingerprint identification module, dispensing dispensing effect detection, curing, assembly, one-stop automation solutions

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