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Surface Mounted Package adhesive Solution


Surface Mounted Package


Industrial introduction:

compared with the traditional needle dispensing and screen printing, the jet dispensing of surface mounted package adhesive has some technical strengths. Since the electronic products in the market tend to be smaller and multi-functional, the design of many printed circuit boards (PCB) puts forward higher requirements for the traditional dispensing technology in the dispensing speed and accuracy and higher flexibility of the screen printing. As for the SMT production, the axon jet dispensing system brings in more advantageous production capability.





The use of axon dispensing system to spray red gum and electrically conductive epoxy resin glue can accelerate the chip mounting speed. Outstanding accuracy brings in great improvement in yield and cuts down the material cost.


The heat and electricity conducting epoxy resin glue is used to attach the chip to the base plate so as to ensure the safe electrical grounding and chip heat dispersion. Those binding materials usually have short canning life and are sensitive to temperature. The filling in them can be easily blocked.


The electricity conducting glue can provide dispensing in the form of spot or line and realize electrical connection among mixed elements, RFID assembly and MEMS.


The electricity-conducting glue and silver glue dispensing can adopt JET6000 jet spray or standard needle distribution as per practical application.


Product strengths (customer evaluation):


•   Equipment suitableness: total proper for the dispensing of all SMT products and all sorts of glues;

•   Dispensing speed: 20-50% quicker than the similar dispensing products; 

•   Jet valve features: such outstanding performances as simple adjustment, convenient maintenance, and rapid glue switching;

•   Software application: humane operation interface, convenient handling, and proper for different populations;

•   Technical service: excellent technical skills, prompt service, and sufficient standby parts.


Axon AU99 red glue dispensing video: high-speed dispensing of red glue




•   AU99 series online jet dispensing system

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