Industry Application
PCB coating Solution

PCB coating Solution


Industrial introduction: action on the PCB coating:


•   Resist moisture and pollution (and electricity leakage);

•   Resist salt spray and mold;

•   Resist corrosion (such as alkali) and improve the anti-dissolution or wear capacity;

•   Raise the lead-free welded spot’s anti-fatigue strength;

•   Inhibit arc and halo electricity discharge;

•   Reduce the mechanical vibration and impact;

•   Resist the high temperature and release the stress resulting from temperature change




As for the PCB conformal coating, the PCB manufacturers always have to weight the output, materials, labor force input, and the safety and take into consideration the laws and regulations as well as the environmental issues involved in the process. The traditional conformal coating, such as immersion and air pressure gun spraying usually demands expensive materials (input and waste) and labor force cost (large quantity of labor force and labor safety protection). The conformal coating without solvent leads to higher cost.



The AC-800 selective conformal coating equipment can meet the demands of different productions layers of the manufacturers from small-scale production to online high output. The flexible integrated coating and solidification system provides accurate, high-speed and safe conformal coating excellent process control capability. The V5000 three-mode jet valve (lineation, atomization and vortex), V5400 film valve, V5200 precision striker valve, and V6000 jet valve of proprietary intellectual property rights can meet all sorts of selective accuracy requirements (marginal sharpness, thickness and efficiency) so as to cut down the cost and improve the output and yield rate.


Axxon selective coating video:




•  Quick absolute speed: stable operation when the speed is 800mm/s. Most raw materials for the product are of international first-class brands and The XYZ machined part adopts thick and heavy steel processing and its service life and integrity can be better displayed in long-term use.

•   Different configurations help to ensure better selective accuracy requirements (marginal sharpness, thickness and efficiency);

•   The software supports spraying mode change during flight, so there is no need for interrupting the spraying. The spraying efficiency is greatly enhanced. Independent research and development and free updating;


Photos of practical coating:



•   Online conformal coating system AC-800

•   Desktop platform + three-mode jet valve V-5000 or film valve V-54000

•   Assembly line (shown below):


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