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Element & Pin Encapsulation Solution

Element & Pin Encapsulation Solution


Since the electronic products tend to be smaller, portable and multi-functional, the elements (such as 0402 and 0201) or the pins are encapsulated in order to improve the reliability of the flexible printed circuit (FPC). Now it has become an indispensable process.






FPC is usually applied to the small-sized portable electronic products, such as smart phone camera, microphone and display, which have small space. The interval between the components is quite short, sometimes only 0.5mm, thus the components processes can not affect each other. This puts forward higher requirements for the encapsulation process equipment.


The axxon Au99 full-automatic online jet dispensing system is especially developed to meet such precise dispensing. The system is provided with the core product of axxon, namely the generation 2 jet valve JET7000 of proprietary intellectual property rights, CCD visual identity system, precise weighing, mature and stable motion platform, and independently developed control software. It can meet all sorts of application requirements of the customers and can greatly save the cost, and improve the output and productivity. The core parts are manufactured by us with sufficient standby parts. We have established perfect service support network so as to make quick response to the customer demands, cut down the after-sales service cost, and accelerate the return on investment of the PCB & FPC manufacturers.










Axxon Au99 jet dispensing element encapsulation video:



•   Quick absolute speed: stable operation under 1,000mm/s and higher UPH. Compared with peer devices, it has shorter adjustment time with the same repetition accuracy. Most raw materials of the product are purchased from international first-class brands, and the XYZ processing parts adopt integral processing of heavy steel. Its strengths in service life and reliability can be better displayed in the long-term use;


•   The core product—jet valve of proprietary intellectual property rights is first developed in the country and is awarded American and domestic invention patent. Through several years’ market inspection, its quality and stability wins wide recognition from both customers and peers;


•   We have richer experience in glue processing.





•Full-automatic online jet dispensing system Au99


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