Industry Application
Online jetting dispensing system -- For dust-free environment(Au99C)

Au99C For dust-free environment


Core part--jet valve JET7000

• Non-contact jet dispensing;

• High speed.Eliminates time cost on Z axis movement; max jet speed: 200 spots/second, 3-7 times higher than the traditional dispensing;

• High accuracy; Min dispensing volume can be 5nl, with consistancy the traditional dispensing method can never mach with ;

• Highly flexible; Non-contact to avoid the interference between needle and workplace; extremely small dispensing volume;more applicable for the compact space;

• Low maintenance cost and long service life;

• Advanced mechanical design makes routine cleaning and maintenance easy; most advanced nanometer wear-resistant material, 20 times higher than the common materials in respect of service life;

• Own independent intellectual property rights;

• Thermostatic system for flow channel and sprayer to ensure the uniformity in glue temperature;

• the uniformity in glue temperature



Enhance the capacity

•  Non-contact jet dispensing to eliminatesl the time for Z-axis motion;

•  Non-contact jet speed: 200 spots/second;

•  Integrated temperature control technology to reduce the manual intervention;

•  Automatic glue compensation, and reduced artificial regulation time;

•  Dual-track design to cut down waiting time;

•  Automatic visual location identification and compensation

•  Non-contact height detection with laser to reduce the height detection time

•  Bad mark+ flying scan, rapid locating and NG board skipping




•  Capable of handling substrates or backings of a variety of sizes in

order to adapt to requirements of a variety of customers;

•  Heating module optional;

•  Dual-track in independent control, software is easy to operate;

•  Enable to realize fast switching between different product-line;

•  Universal platform used for different processes with different glues.




•  Jet valve with independent intellectual property rights;

•  Durable; high quality with affordable cost;

•  More rapid response for spare parts supply and after-sales service;

•  Jet dispensing to reduce the yield rate loss;

•  dispensing volume evaluation to reduce material waste;

•  Smaller occupancy area;

•  High stability and low failure rate



  • 高速点红胶


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