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Online jetting dispensing system-Fundamental(Au99L)
Online jet dispensing system-Fundamental(Au99L) 


•   Au99L dispensing system has significant advantages of dispensing efficiency, and excellent price.

•   XYZ three axis are used in precise ball screw, servo motor.

•  This system specifically for LED lamps (LED Bar) automatic on-line dispensing application Lens assembly and development of jet dispensing system,

•  owning a wide and mature real customer groups, to bring customers real benefits.



Axxon Au99L LED light strip dispensing video



•  LED lamp strip below 850mm can be one-time into the material, the longest length achieved can be 1250mm;

•  High efficiency of the dispensing speed, and the highest speed can be up to 42000 points per hour, matched to the speed of the Lens chip;

•  Mature and stable high-speed motion platform ;

•  Control software is simple and easy to operate.


LED lamp (LED Bar) Lens dispensing assembly



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