Dipenser controller
  • HY-30 syringe heating controller
    Axxon HY-30syringe heating controller,It can be connected with C-180 to realize syringe heating dispensing control, and C-180T to coordinate with jet valve to realizeheated jet control.
  • C-100T Glue valve controller
    Axxon C-100T Glue valve controller.axxon glue valve controller adopts film key to regulate the glue valve opening time. The unique internal air pressure control system and precision circuit control can bring in best dispensing effect and improve the dispensing speed.
  • C-180T hot melt glue jet valve controller
    C-180T hot melt glue jet valve controller,C-180T can provide precision control on the high-speed jet valve. It can be used with jet valve and any automation device and production line so as to provide high-speed and uniform dispensing experience for the customers.
  • C-140 spray valve controller
    Axxon C-140 adopts film key to realize parameters setting, such as shortened atomization time, atomization time, and delayed atomization time, to exert perfect control on the spray valve and achieve best atomization effect.Axxon C-140 Meanwhile it can be connected with PLC to realize online control.
  • D-260 dispensing machine
  • C-180 hot melt glue controller