• V-6200 Jet valve
  • V-300 HP High-pressure glue valve
    axxon V-300HP is a kind of dispensing and pouringglue valve proper for fluid with medium and high viscosity.
  • V-400UH Large-flowstriker glue valve
    The axxon V-400H is mainlyused in the situations that with relatively low dispensing bearing capacity,limited matching space, or multiple valves, such as the light disk productiondevice.
  • V-420A Precision striker valve
    axxon V-420A is a kind of low quantity dispensingvalve for fluid with low viscosity, and it can realize highly uniform and lowquantity dispensing through stroke regulation
  • V-500P diaphragm glue valve
    axxon V-500P is a kind of low quantitydispensing valve proper for the fluid with medium and low viscosity.
  • V-605 Rotary valve
  • V-702 Metering valve
    V-702 metering valve is developed and produced as per the requirements about precision dispensing metering in axxon glue valve family. It adopts volume cylinder to measure the fluid volume in combination with millesimal rule to realize precise and accurate metering effect.
  • 8 series spray valve
    axxon 8 series spray valve is most suitable for the coating of fluid with medium and low viscosity, including V-800A, V-850A and V-880A. 8 series adopt low-pressure and flow technology to ensure the evenness and marginal sharpness.
  • V-5000 Three-mode jet valve
  • 双组份胶阀 V-2000E
    点胶机 双组份开关阀 灌封、 就地成型、 填充、 发泡成型、 结构粘接、 密封涂布、