Three-axis desktop robot of new generation
Three-axis desktop robot of new generation 

High-standard and individualized design brings in higher productivity:

• Repetition accuracy: ±0.01mm;

• Professional dispensing control software to ensure the glue tape is smooth and dispensing isuniform;

• Solve “dog bone” and “wire drawing” problems in the dispensing process;

• The contact manual programmer is easily operated in programming.





Product characteristics:

• Adoption of imported servo motor and screw rod (B series: steeping motor + synchronous belt)to guarantee the stability and durability of the product;

• Adoption of module design, production and inspection procedures to ensure the product accuracy and uniformity;

• Stable and professional fluid control software to make the dispensing processing more perfect;

• The innovative front panel path display technology to guarantee the application convenience;

• Simple and convenient operating interface that can be easily learnt.



Typical application:

• LCD COG Coating

• LCD sealant coating

• LCD conductive silver adhesive

• Chip underfill

• COB encapsulation

• Conductive glue coating

• PCB Coating

• LED encapsulation

• LED illumination sealing

• LED conductive glue coating


• Electroacoustic dispensing

• Optical lens dispensing

• Mobile phone’s camera dispensing

• Inductive resistance dispensing

• Semi-conductor micro-electronic encapsulation

• Auto parts dispensing

• Solar junction box dispensing

• Medical consumables dispensing

• Simple assembly





Optional automatic needle calibration function

• Cut down the regulation time

• Reduce the regulation difficulty

• Ensure the product qualification rate

• Automatic needle calibration module no.:0108008301           

Especially proper for

• Precise dispensing

• Frequent change of needle or syringe

• Automatic production line



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