AS series three-axis cabinet robot



AS series three-axis cabinet robot

The AS series cabinet dispensing robot platform has relatively high cost performance, for it can be integrated to be all sorts of dispensing valves, single/dual-component pumping systems, and plasma processors of axxon. It is widely applied to all kinds of precision automatic dispensing fields. axxon has established wide-spread technical support and after-sales service network, and can provide complete process solution for the development ,manufacturing and product innovation of the customers.


Product characteristics:

• Three axes all adopt high-grade servo motor and precision ball screw to ensure the high speed, precision and uniformityof the motion;

• The master control system adopts motion control card, and manual programmer with touch screen to carry out programming;

• Simple and friendly programming interface. The icons can be easily identified without the need for extra training. Theparameters can be directly input for use;

• It supports the CAD graph importing and track preview functions;

• The semi-closed shell design not only facilitates the operation but also improves the cleanliness of the environment;

• The device adopts module structure design to facilitate the maintenance;

• Strong bearing capacity and sufficient internal space


Optional devices:

• Dual-component precision distribution dispensing system V-1020

• All sorts of dispensing valves of axxon

• Low liquid level sensor

• Corona processor

• Master control system: PC, IPC, and Windows operating interface

• Real-time visual locating system

• Height detection system with laser

• Manual/automatic charge/discharge module

• Production line track module with automatic width regulation function

• Safety light curtain


Successfully applied industries:

• Medical separation gel

• Auto gear cover surface processing and coating

• Engine FIPG

• Water pump sealing

• Auto air-conditioning tank sealing

• Auto electronic elements dual-component encapsulation

• Mobile phone charger module dispensing

• PCB coating

• Semi-conductor element dispensing







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