Desktop three-axis robot loaded with visual control system



VB series economic visual locating system—three-axis robot

Pioneer in the industry; new embedded visual locating system; no need for traditional IPC or visual sample card

Application field

• Consuming electronics, FPC, PCB, IC

• Underfill

• Encapsulation



VB series economic visual locating system—three-axis robot video:


IS series high-performance and precision visual system-three-axis robot

• Precision servo drive system

• Powerful industrial CCD visual system;

• Stable and reliable computer control system

• Multi-functional expansion module


Important application:

• Underfill

• FPC and PCB dispensing

• Semi-conductor electronic assembly

• Camera module (Lens petal fixing and VCM dispensing)

 Hot melt glue jet dispensing system

• High-speed jet dispensing system

• Can meet the requirements concerning narrow frame and gap dispensing

• Supply of precision controller and stable computer control system

Important application

• Mobile phone, tablet computer, and wearable electronic device






  • 专利的运动控制技术和点胶控制软件
  • 高精度三轴平台,采用进口品牌,保证设备的精度和稳定性。 
  • 独创的新型视觉技术,采用了新型的视觉系统技术,保证点胶过程的精准性。 
  • 专用的操作软件,配套新型视觉系统开发了专用的点胶视觉软件,将点胶最简化。 
  • 超高性价比,业界最低成本视觉系统,用最低的成本实现点胶智能化。
  • 智能简便的平板电脑操作界面
  • 多种高级扩展模块。
  • Underfill
  • FPC
  • PCB dispensing
  • Semiconductor microelectronic assembly
  • Camera module (Lens fixed petals , VCM and other dispensing)

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