Total solution for assembly line

Total solution for selective conformal coating assembly line 



•  Keep up with the global leadding dispensing & assembly process ;

• Selective, precise with high efficiency.



If you have higher process requirements, we can realize following standards for you

•  Minimum width of excessive glue can be controlled in 0.2mm;

•   Identification by individual chip eadge is much more accurate than mark-point identification;

•  Bad Mark screening to skip all the NG board;

• ID identification, automatic program calling, fool-proofing and data statistics function helps to realize smart manufacturing.


Total solution for selected conformal coating

•  Reinforcement dispensing for large-size component as capacitor ,coil, etc;

•  Selective conformal coating for both sides of PCB;

•  Precise selective conformal coating for IC pin and other precise component.


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