V-5000 Three-mode jet valve

V-5000 Three-mode jet valve

Axxon V-5000 is a kind of ideal coating tool for highly mixed PCB, and is proper for the fluid of medium and low viscosity (1-3,000cps). The setting of different combinations of parameters can realize selecting coating work of three modes: line, wire and screw. When cooperating with axxon professional coating platform, it can harvest better application effect.


Characteristics and strengths

• Uniform coating

• High marginal sharpness

• No excessive coating or backwash

• Simple maintenance

Lineation mode:

When the atomized air pressure is closed, the fluid will be coated onto the basal plate in the line mode. The regulation of the material supply pressure can realize control on the outlet flow. This mode can be used in the marginal polishing work of smaller coating area and outlet flow debugging before work.

Screw mode:

Low atomized air pressure can form toroidal air channel to act on the outlet fluid under the coordination of specially manufactured tube so that the glue can be coated on to the substrate surface in the form of cone and circle around the central axis. This mode is usually used in the situations that require high marginal resolution, large coating width, and high working frequency.

Atomization mode:

the atomized air pressure is increased and the material supply pressure is reduced to get into the atomization
mode. The air acts on the glue along the atomization channel to form conical and atomized coating onto the substrate. The atomization mode can form ultra-thin coating layer and is used in the selective coating and ultra-thin coating application.


Typical application:

Circuit board coating




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