V-6200 Jet valve

V-6200 Jet valve

V-6200 is a kind of non-contact jet dispensing valve that can realize high-speed dispensing of different fluids and adhesives (such as underfill glue, sealant, epoxy glue, UV glue, conductive glue, silver glue, red glue, conformal coating glue, coating glue, printing ink, silicone oil and bio-enzyme) with controllable capacity. V-6200 is widely applied to the SMT, FPC&PCB assembly, LED encapsulation, energy industry, electroacoustic industry, life sciences, optics, MEMS, RFID and other situations that require high precision, efficiency, non-contact and limited space.








Focused on following application:

•  Underfill

•   Pin Encapsulation

•   Precision Coating

•  Bonding

•  Surface Mounted Package

•   Package On Package

•  Encapsulation

•  Fill


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